Private Nursing Care

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Private Nursing Care is beneficial for clients who:

Private nursing care is an essential part of the healthcare system, and we have designed it to assist and support individuals with minor health conditions.

Smarter Living Choices Private nursing care

Smarter Living Choices Private nursing care offers personalised and one-on-one attention, allowing clients to receive focused and individualised care. It can provide more flexibility, continuity, and customisation than institutional care settings.

Senior citizens typically pay themselves for private nursing care. If you or a loved one have complex medical needs or require skilled nursing services, private nursing care may be necessary to meet those needs. With Smarter Living Choices’s private nurses, we can provide specialised medical care, administer medications, manage chronic conditions, and monitor your health. Our nurses also play a crucial role in promoting and maintaining the well-being of our clients while providing these home care services.

With Smarter Living Choices, we consider your personal preferences and goals for care. Having a private nurse provides you with a sense of comfort, continuity, and control. It may be worth considering as part of your aged care plan.

Since our number one priority is to value our client's needs, here are some of the reasons why you need to choose Private nursing care on top of your care plan:

Our dedicated nursing care team

Our dedicated nursing care team is available for elder care whenever needed, whether you need them for necessary medical treatments, monitor vital signs, administer medications, and offer emotional support

We understand that self-care tasks

We understand that self-care tasks like managing medical administration and personal hygiene can be unique and sensitive. That's why we prioritise creating a comfortable and relaxed environment for you and your chosen nurse.

We wanted to give you Peace of Mind

We wanted to give you Peace of Mind. With our Private nursing care, we can provide peace of mind for both the client and their family members. Knowing that a trained and experienced nurse can provide care and support can alleviate concerns and ensure the client's well-being.

Need Enhanced Monitoring and Supervision

Need Enhanced Monitoring and Supervision - This can help detect changes or complications early on and prevent potential health issues

Care for senior citizens at home coincides with risks

Care for senior citizens at home coincides with risks. Your safety is paramount to us, and we ensure it is our top priority. That's why all our medical caregivers undergo rigorous screening to ensure their qualifications and competence in providing direct care. This helps ensure your safety and well-being.

We have designed our home care nursing services

We have designed our home care nursing services to provide personalised care in the comfort of your home

Our health professionals will work

Our health professionals will work closely with you to ensure you maintain optimal health and well-being. Being in your familiar environment, surrounded by loved ones and everyday sights and sounds, can significantly contribute to your overall wellness.

We are here to support you and provide

We are here to support you and provide the highest quality of care. Our nurses can provide regular monitoring, observation, and supervision, especially for clients who require close monitoring of their health conditions or medication management.

At Smarter Living Choices

At Smarter Living Choices, the ultimate goal of Private Nursing care is to improve our clients' health outcomes and quality of life. Here are a few ways our nurse can help:

It’s important to note that the specific services an elderly care provider provides with a home support nurse may vary depending on your needs. Discussing the exact services and level of care required with Smarter Living Choices is recommended to ensure compatibility and satisfaction.

Wound care:

Nurses can dress and monitor wounds, ensuring proper healing and preventing infection. They can also guide wound care practices and educate the individual and their caregivers on wound management.

Our nurses can help you thoroughly assess your continence status with open and transparent communication to discuss your concerns and preferences. We can help with your Toileting Schedule, Fluid Management, Mobility, and Accessibility, as well as your Incontinence Products. We ensure that our team has the utmost respect for your dignity throughout the continence management process.

Our nurses can help ensure you take medications correctly and on time. They also monitor medication side effects and make necessary adjustments by consultation with the individual’s doctor.

We consider each client’s needs and medical conditions when determining their enteral nutrition requirements. With that, our nurses can help you with peg feeding. We ensure that we will assess your nutritional requirements, use appropriate formulas in feeding and provide nutritional education and support for your overall well-being.

Our nurses, specialising in palliative care, can provide comfort, manage symptoms, and offer emotional support for individuals with life-limiting illnesses. They can also assist with end-of-life planning and coordination with hospice services, if necessary, and other care services for seniors

Private nursing care offers personalised, one-on-one support for individuals with complex medical needs. Such complex cases include managing Chronic Illness, Post Surgical Care, Pediatric Care, Rehabilitation Support, and even Mental Health Support.  

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